Glamour Gowns


Pardon my absence. Going back to school has been more of an adjustment than I originally thought. With a midterm last week, I decided that it was best to devote my week to studying. Big changes and bigger adjustments are to come but you’ll find that out in due timing.

I wanted to share the event I worked with Chinese Laundry last weekend. Glamour Gowns is an annual event that provides all the prom necessities to girls in the Los Angeles foster care system. From dresses, to accessories, to a personal shopper, over 400 girls get the Cinderella treatment.

Chinese Laundry generously donates over 400 pairs of shoes each year. From flat sandals to sky-high pumps, each girl gets to choose the perfect match to their dress. This is my third year volunteering and every minute is well worth it. Giving fashion advice, finding the perfect fitting shoe and matching accessories has never felt so good. Never take anything for granted.



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