Just Add it to My Resume


If you were a previous reader from High4allheels on blogspot you have heard me say I wear many hats at Chinese Laundry. My official title? Marketing assistant. My duties include everything from managing all social media platforms for 2 of our brands (my main role) to assisting in the planning and execution of events and everything in between. My latest role? Shoe model.

Now I wear a size 7 and that is no sample shoe size. The thought of shoe modeling never crossed my mind but when I slipped my feet into a sample size 6, they magically fit. Are my feet shrinking?! So I was asked to be in our Spring/Summer 2013 photoshoot, mani and pedi included. Not only would I play model for the day but be assisting along the way. (Which included a Starbucks run) 

The shoot took place at this gorgeous house tucked in Beverly Hills overlooking the city. Shoe photo shoots are a little different from the usual fashion shoot. Hair and makeup is not so much needed for a shoe shoot except for the legs. And only certain clothing is truly shown but we still had an amazing stylist on set. She pulled all the clothing from Urban Outfitters, Free People and H&M. I wanted every piece and it was nice to play dress up. 

Now I am no model. Our photographer was very patient and directed me well. Not to mention it was one of those sunny Los Angeles days that happened to be in the 50’s! Pretending that it was a warm and sunny summer day in cut-off shorts and a silky romper was not working for me. But I definitely have some new shoe poses up my sleeve and a new understanding of what working models go through.

At the end of the day, I can add shoe model to my resume and I loved the experience. I have heard that shoe models make decent money. Career change? We shall see.



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