What to Wear Wednesday: Interview Edition


Blazer: Topshop

Pants: BCBGeneration

Cami: Nordstrom

Shoes: Forever 21

Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Rings: Custom, Forever 21

Choosing your interview outfit is no easy task. The second I schedule an interview I am thinking of outfit options. After all, first impressions are very important. I always find that picking an outfit for an interview in fashion is always the hardest. You have to find the perfect balance of trends, representing the brand and most importantly expressing yourself. (All without going over the top)

Fashion publicist Matthew Rant says it best: “You should definitely dress differently at a fashion interview than in the more corporate worlds of say finance or pharmaceuticals. However, presenting yourself as polished and professional is ALWAYS key. The team at Vogue is fashion-conscious, but they could just as easily walk into many different companies and look equally appropriate.”

My go-to interview outfit? Almost always involves harem pants. (Sick of hearing about them yet?) They are my “suit pant” and work well with my long legs. I can’t tell you how many interviews I have been to where girls are wearing mini skirts or what they think are pencil length skirts. If you have to hold your skirt to sit down in the interview chair or have to bend down awkwardly to pick something up, your skirt is too short. Please add some tights. (Fashion rant)

Back to the outfit. I am usually not one to wear the brand from head to toe but I definitely will always wear a piece from the brand I am pursuing. (Especially while interviewing for a sales role) This shows you know how to incorporate the pieces into your everyday wardrobe. I chose to stay away from the classic blazer and fell in love with this paisley printed blazer from Topshop that I found on sale at Nordstrom.

To make my printed blazer pop, I added my oxblood Forever 21 booties. Shoes are a very important part of the outfit. I always try to wear a bold color, fun print or any conversation starter. However, it is important to remember to not wear heels that are too tall or are not 100% comfortable. There’s nothing cute about a girl who can’t walk in her shoes. (Major fashion faux pas)

That being said, make sure that your outfit describes you. A job in the fashion industry requires passion, knowledge and creativity. This should reflect in your outfit.

Good Luck!



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