Happy Hour with the 2012 Miss Universe Contestants & Zappos

ImageImageImageImageImageImageIt’s been one of those busy weeks and I am now trying to get back on schedule! 

Last Friday I flew to Las Vegas to cover our Happy Hour party with the 2012 Miss Universe Contestants and Zappos employees. In case you didn’t know, Chinese Laundry is the official shoe sponsor for both the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. This year the Miss Universe pageant is in Las Vegas, so the girls are spending most of their December in Las Vegas. (Be sure to tune in to NBC 12/19 to see the Pageant) We try to get the pageant hype up by doing events and hosting parties with the girls. This year we hosted Happy Hour at the Zappos Headquarters with all their employees. Zappos is one of our key accounts, so we wanted to throw this event just for them!

I’ve always heard that Zappos is an amazing company to work for and that pretty much describes their offices as well. All their cubicles are fully decorated, they welcome their new employees with a personalized throne, they have a full coffee bar where you can get drinks all day long (for free!) and a full bistro where they provide fresh food from breakfast to dinner (also free!). And let me tell you they know how to party. Besides all the free perks, Zappos is also a very reputable company and continually growing, and are obviously known for their superb customer service. 

All 94 Miss Universe 2012 contestants were broken into 3 rooms where we had karaoke and a dj, spin the wheel for prizes and a photobooth. Not to mention, we had 2 full bars!  My job? To capture the pictures, encourage the girls to get up and sing and to cover all the social media platforms. The event was a huge hit! By the end of the party the girls were dancing to “Gangham Style” with some of the Zappos employees. It definitely was apparent that both parties throughly enjoyed themselves. 

So who’s going to take home the crown? It’s hard to say, but I am pulling for Miss Ecuador, Miss France, Miss Nicaragua or Miss Cayman Islands. I guess we will have to stay tuned and see!


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