Shoesday Tips : How To Take Care of Your Shoes


Well I am the first to admit that my shoe collection is one of my prized possessions (hence all the labeling and all my stacked boxes above). Most of my shoes (heels, wedges, boots) are kept wrapped up in tissue in their boxes and stacked neatly on my shelves. I have worked many hours and burned through many paychecks to build my shoe collection, so I will do whatever it takes to take proper care of them. You know that feeling when one of your favorite pairs of shoes is so worn down that you can’t even wear them but just don’t have the heart to dispose of them? Well start with these few tips now and get more wear out of all your shoes!

Suede Shoes: Tough scuff? Use a suede eraser to rub away small blemishes. Next use a suede brush to smooth out the surface. 

Wet Shoes: Stuff your shoes with newspaper and let them air dry (make sure to avoid any direct heat). Before they completely dry, use a shoe tree to restore their shape.

Salt stains: A combination of vinegar and water will take this right off. Dab the salted area in small amounts. 

Leather: For lighter scuff marks, lightly rub a pencil eraser against the stain. If that doesn’t work, leather polish will do just the trick.

Smelly Shoes: This is bound to happen if we wear our favorite pair a little too often… Solution? Change the insoles.

Worn Out Soles: Find a good shoe repair shop to resole or reheel your shoes. This will also help to prevent any permanent damage. Choosing to resole one of my favorite pair of boots was one of the smartest decisions I have ever made! Definitely worth it!

Polishing: First make sure you have the right materials including: wax based polish, welt brush (this will get out the dirt that gathers between the sole and the upper) and a polishing cloth. Trust me, patent heels with scuff marks are not cute. 

White Shoes: For scuff marks, try wetting the scuff with nail polish remover and then wipe clean. 

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with any shoemergency. (Although a worn pair of shoes is always a good excuse to buy another!) What are your tips and tricks for taking care of your shoes?! 


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